ReBiS Robot Research

Novel Optimization Based Approach to Design Walking Gaits for ReBiS Robot 

ReBiS: Re-configurable Bipedal Snake Robot is a modular open chain mechanism of a snake robot that can walk in multiple configurations. ReBiS achieves re-configuration without any re-arrangements of its modules. This paper introduces a novel optimization based approach to design 9-DOF walking gaits for ReBiS robot which can be used for tasks that are difficult for snake robots to perform such as stair climbing or passing over high obstacles, etc. The generated walking gait moves the centre of mass only in its double support phase, making it more stable. Experimental verification by testing the gait on ReBiS Lite Robot showed that high speed walking gait is generated without obtaining the zero moment point and the same algorithm can be used to generate keyframes for HEAD LOOK gait.

Developing an autonomous motion planning algorithm
and doing SLAM

The Rebis robot is mounted with a wireless stereo camera in its head and LiPo batteries in its tail to make it completely wireless. Hence it can be use for performing spying operations or creating a map of an unknown area. The challenge is to do make everything completely autonomous; such that the robot will decide which is the best configuration for locomotion in the given environment and the same time, dynamically create a map of the environment. We are currently testing our algorithm in a controlled in-door environments. The image on the right is the result of work done by Rohan Thakker for SLAM on ModSnake Robot under Prof. Howie Choset at Biorobotics Lab, CMU.

Exploring new configurations using 11 DOF robot and developing their  gaits